About Us at Jungle Prowl

If you didn’t make sense of our name already, here’s how it came out. Amazon is a jungle. And prowl is to hunt.

So, that’s basically it. We let you hunt for a good deal before you buy on Amazon.

Now, you might wonder why you need us to shop on Amazon. After all, Amazon is easily one of the best sites on the planet when it comes to shopping experience, allowing you to sort, filter and refine your search results in a thousand different ways if you choose to.

Well, there is something that even Amazon doesn’t offer which is the ability to sort products in a particular category by price per weight/count unit, a unit like number of whatever, ounces, pounds, fluid ounces etc.

We thought that was pretty strange and wanted to fix that. Without that metric, a $5 shampoo might seem cheaper than a $10 shampoo when in fact the $10 shampoo gives you more shampoo per buck!

We plan to eventually sort all categories in Amazon where price per unit count/weight makes sense. For now, we have put out a list for the whey protein category where we have not just let you sort by weight but have actually listed the price per protein gram, a metric you will not find on 99% of the sites that list whey protein products for sale.

We plan to do shampoos, fragrances, baby formula, grocery items, beauty items like night creams, lotions and just about any product category where what you buy can be broken down into a price per unit weight or unit count metric. Besides listing the price per weight or unit, we will also list other critical metric like how we listed nutritional information of whey protein powders when we listed price per protein gram.

Oh, we do disclose that we participate as an affiliate in the Amazon Associates program, meaning that we earn a small commission when you buy something from Amazon, after going there directly from our site. It helps us compile lists for more shopping categories.

If you have any feedback, suggestions, complaints, compliments or even curious questions about our site, please do email us at info @ jungleprowl.com. We will get back to you!